"Funkatized" are the groove specialists DeeGee (Florian de Gelmini) and EnBee (Normen Bolling).
Their mission since 2007: "Keep The Funk Alive"!
For this great goal, the Berlin songwriters deliver the finest funk mixed with modern beats and sounds. A work worthy of the capital, which is not only extremely audible but also danceable.

In 2022 they’ve added Chameleon(two) to their oeuvre, the conclusion of their 2020 album Chameleon, available December, 2nd.


December, 23rd the first part of their best-of album „The Best Of 15 Years“ will follow.
DeeGee and EnBee present an oeuvre full of stylistic variety from acid jazz to funk to club, electro and house - a special mixture of anachronism and zeitgeist.

Be prepared to get Funkatized!